Trouble on the road.

Today was spent driving up to Otisville again to see the folks for an hour or so prior to heading to Davison for a Holiday family gathering with Anne’s mother’s side of the family. We dragged Courtney’s boyfriend Mike along with us for the ride and it was generally a good time considering that I only know maybe half a dozen of the people present. Food was, as always, plentiful and it was good to touch base with the folks on that side of the family tree seeing as we weren’t able to make the trip last year. Not a bad way to spend the day overall.

Until the drive home. We made it to I-96 just before the off-ramp to I-275 when the engine in my Grand Prix just suddenly went dead for no apparent reason. No sputtering, no coughing, just stopped running as if someone had turned off the key. Except the key was still in the ON position and every light on my dashboard lit up like a bad automotive Christmas tree. Pulled over to the side and verified that the engine wasn’t running and tried to restart it. Starter was cranking just fine, but the engine wasn’t even trying to start. As luck would have it were right next to the Red Robin restaurant in Novi so I unloaded everyone and we trekked up the side of the freeway to the parking lot of the Red Robin where we proceeded to hang out in the entryway where the pay-phones are located like some festively dressed homeless people. The kids entertained themselves by opening the door for anyone who came close by while I phoned folks in the area I knew who might be able to give us a lift home.

We ended up having to call on Mike’s Dad to come pick up Anne and the kids while I proceeded to contact my insurance’s roadside assistance service and arrange for a tow truck. The folks running the restaurant finally came out to ask if we were OK after about 20 minutes of the kids playing doorman and we assured them we’d be moving along very shortly before scaring off too many customers. Mike’s Dad arrived at almost exactly the same time as the tow truck so at least that worked out well. A short while later Anne met me up at the Autolab we tend to use when our vehicles are sick and we thanked the nice tow-truck man for his help in towing my car back to the shop.

I’m fully expecting this to be the same damned problem it was in late October/early November when we last had it up at Autolab. A burned through ignition wire. Last time was the second time I’ve had that problem fixed (the first was done under warranty at a GM dealer) and if it’s the same problem again this will mark the third time it’s happened. The car has around 43,000 miles on it, it shouldn’t be having this much trouble. This may well be the last GM product I’ll buy I’m so pissed at the moment. Oh well, at least everyone’s home safe and the car is at the shop ready to surprise them when they come in on Monday morning.

4 thoughts on “Trouble on the road.

  1. That sucks to have the same problem over and over like that.

    At least you’re a guy, the Autolab should not give you too much grief.  *hates car shops*

    Sounds like you’ve had a lovely holiday for the most part though!

  2. Well, one can only hope things will improve. In the great scheme of things I’m sure my car troubles pale in comparason to some, but it’s still damned annoying. wink

    And I will update my links to your site Kat, sorry to hear you’re having troubles with it. Let me know if there’s anything I can do to help.

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