This dude is obviously not from Michigan.

Gotta love stories like this one:

BERLIN (Reuters) – A Gambian man unused to Germany’s winter weather woke up to find his car had gone completely white overnight and called police to complain vandals had painted it.

Police in the central German town of Hildesheim responding to investigate the crime discovered the man had mistaken snow on his car for paint when he looked down from his apartment window.

My first question is: Didn’t he notice that the “vandals” had also painted the yard, the fence, the road, the trees, shrubs, etc.?

My second question is: Does anyone else find it amazing that Reuters felt the need to spread this amazing tale of stupidity around the world by the wire service? I suppose we wouldn’t have been able to enjoy a good chuckle at the poor guy’s expense if they hadn’t, but still…

3 thoughts on “This dude is obviously not from Michigan.

  1. Um, dude. Pointing out stupid shit as far as I can tell is what your own web site is all about.

    still, have a nice day and all.

  2. This is true, but I’m not an international news reporting agency either. I’m just some schmuck with a website. I’d expect a site like mine to report that kind of crap. I’d expect something like Reuters to report on something, well, newsworthy. Must have been a slow day or something.

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