Sen. Joseph Lieberman gets worked up over video games again.

According to this article at asshat Senator Lieberman is once again threatening yet another round of Congressional hearings on sex and violence in video games.

WASHINGTON (CNN)—Members of Congress and watchdog groups are again sounding the alarm over the sexual and violent nature of some video games that are falling into the hands of children even though they are intended for adults.

Although critics agree that the majority of video games have little or no objectionable violent or sexual content, those that do, they say, have gone far beyond the pale.

“This relatively small but highly popular minority is not just pushing the envelope,” said Sen. Joseph Lieberman, D-Connecticut. “They are shooting, torturing and napalming it beyond all recognition and beyond all decency.”

That’s the one good thing about Gore not getting the Presidency. At least we don’t have this censorship-hungry asshole as a Vice President.

7 thoughts on “Sen. Joseph Lieberman gets worked up over video games again.

  1. True you don’t have a censorship hungry a**hole for VP instead you got a power hungry b*st*rd who believes the public doesn’t have any right to know who’s pulling the strings at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.  It was Cheney who was the force behind Bush’s changes to the Presidential Records Act. Changes that ensure no one can find out just what went on in the Bush Sr. white house during the first Gulf War. Cheney has a lot to hide from his first tenure in the white house, never mind his recent actions with Halliburton and the current energy policy. It’s difficult to decide who’s worse Cheney or Lieberman.

  2. I agree absolutely. It’s hard to say which of the two would be a lesser evil. Honestly, this last election was the first one I seriously considered voting for the Libertarians. Not so much because I agreed with everything they stood for as much as I wanted to vote for SOMEBODY and they seemed the least evil though they had no chance of winning.

  3. Im doing a English 4 report on video game violence and the bull shit reasons for editing them….It brings to mind one Dictator that burned books because he disagreed with the contents. Joseph Libralman can go move to Canida with all his red communist pot smoking hippie friends

  4. you poor poor yankies

    havent you had enough yet, you been skrewed, and now your being fisted, what will it take before you bring the whole shit heap down.

    take to the streets and make change now, stop moaning and say no. its a simple case of rape. so say no. say no now.  for the sake of the rest of us out here in the world.

    meet your neighbors, and organise local resistance unions

    do it now .please

    forget about voting , its not the answer, until a new party is fromed that will serve the interests of the people and the planet, distributing wealth and power rather than concentrting it.

    get organised. do it now, you are already overdue

    matt   oxford

  5. “Nintendo Joe” is at it again!

    I just watched him, on C-SPAN, complaining that there’s violence and sex in 100% of “M” rated games! Duh, what do ya think “M” means anyway?
    That’s like complaining there’s nudity in 100% of “X” rated movies!
    Dork. mad

  6. This fucktard is why I remain independent.  When I find a political party the supports an adamant seperation of church and state, widely unchecked free speech, and beatdown on collosal resturant chains, I’ll be sold.

    This is why I dig the republic-style form of government.  Not one extremely jolly asshole who runs the show with a few guys who appear to watch but are in the leader’s pocket, but a group of mildly jolly assholes who reign over certain regions and some guys to keep the peace over the discussions, thus a chaotic balance is maintained, to a degree.

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