Profile name blues.

So I’ve added in the info for looking me up under ICQ, AIM, and Yahoo Messenger under my WTF section to the left when I realize my Yahoo ID is long and cumbersome. So I figure I’ll create a new profile and shorten it up a bit. Alas, someone has already taken Dead God as an ID name. So I do a member search to make sure it wasn’t me and I don’t remember it. Turns out there are a LOT of Dead Gods out there and none of them are me. I had always thought my choice was rather unique, but apparently I was mistaken.

No worries, I go to my trusty standby of Mortuus Deus, literally Latin for Dead and God. Someone’s already using it. Hmmmm. So I try Stupid Evil Bastard figuring no one would choose that outside of myself. Wrong, it’s already taken. S.E.B.? Contains illegal characters. SEB is taken already. Well what the hell. Guess I’m sticking with A_Guy_Known_As_Les for now.

Incidentally, when did they stop allowing uppercase in Yahoo IDs? My current one has them, but it wouldn’t allow uppercase in the creation of a new profile.

5 thoughts on “Profile name blues.

  1. They allow uppercase but auto convert to lowercase
    in the rooms.Your profile shows the uppercase.

  2. I do happen to know that yahoo does not allow uppercase letters in new IDs. When i play yahoo pool, people want to trade IDs with me, they call IDs with caps “rares”, and they will do anything to get them, they are becomeing sort of a collectors item.

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