New holiday I hadn’t heard of?

WTF is with the drivers on the roads today? Is today National Drive 10 MPH Under The Actual Speed Limit Day or something?

Any other day I’d have people whipping around me at speeds just this side of the sound barrier giving me glares that translate roughly into HOW DARE YOU EVEN THINK ABOUT DRIVING THE SPEED LIMIT ON THE SAME FREEWAY I HAVE MY BIG-ASSED SUV ON! NEXT TIME DO IT SOMEPLACE MORE APPROPRIATE SUCH AS THE SIDEWALK!

Today, hell, I couldn’t get closer than within 5 MPH of the speed limit before having to slow down again. Even in the left-most lane!

2 thoughts on “New holiday I hadn’t heard of?

  1. Hay bud, sorry about the driving situation today… but I was wondering… What the H!@# happened to the jenkinsonline main page?  Where is my photo gallery?

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