More anime coming to CN’s Adult Swim.

Saw a blurb over at Bottom Dwelling[dot]com that Cartoon Network is planning on showing Trigun, Lupin the III and Reign during Adult Swim next year. I’ve been meaning to catch up on Trigun for awhile now so perhaps this’ll be my chance.

And on a related note, the folks at TechTV are set to launch a new anime related show called Anime Unleashed. They don’t have any info on the show up on their website yet, but they’ve started airing ads for it recently.

12 thoughts on “More anime coming to CN’s Adult Swim.

  1. They all sound interesting. We’ve really been getting into Inuyasha, thanks to Adult Swim. Now if only I could convince Kim to watch Cowboy BeBop.

  2. how come adult swim isn’t showing inuyasha anymore? what is going on? i’m so confuse will someone explain to me? why isn’t inuyasha anymore? did they cancel it?

  3. I have no idea. It’s possible that they only licensed the first season or so and are evaluating how well it did rating-wise to decide if they want to pick up the next couple of seasons. Not uncommon with anime that’s broadcast on cable.

  4. i don’t understand…inuyasha was like the best show on adult’s the secound time they’ve cancled it so maybe they’ll bring it back like they did the last time….ooo i sure hope so!

    p.s. does anybody know if adult swim has an email address..XD

  5. I’ve been checking around on the Internet and rumor has it that Inuyasha is going to be back on the air with new episodes on August 15th but I just saw a message saying that Adult Swim just pulled Inuyasha and Cowboy Bebop!

  6. They can’t pull Inuyasha! We’ve been waiting for new eps for way too long!

    Maybe it’s a temporary pull, like they did for Reign.

  7. Did the first season to Inuyasha end? I was just wondering because they have been playing reruns for the past two weeks. If that is what happened when is the second season coming back on the air?

  8. When our they going to get new episodes of Inu Yasha? It’s my favorite show if you ask me they should rerun the whole got damn episodes from the first till the last untill they get new ones it just gets me so frustrated.

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