Loot followup.

Whew! Was having so much fun playing with my new toys yesterday that I never got around to updating my loot list. That and I couldn’t talk from all the snow in my mouth from the other bloggers who kept PELTING ME! Man, I suck at snowball fights.

So, the trip to the in-laws was just as joyous as always and there was much feasting to be had. Finally got to meet Alica’s boyfriend who had started to become much like Santa in terms of hearing great things about him, but he always had some excuse not to be around. He’s seems like a nice enough fellow and took my hugging him just before leaving pretty well considering he didn’t know me from Adam’s cat.

Now, to update my list of new toys. I got several new games, naturally, including a second copy of No One Lives Forever 2 (not a problem, it’s not really Christmas if you don’t have at least one gift to exchange), Hitman 2 Silent Assassin, Ace Combat 4 for the PS2, and Onimusha for the PS2. Amber and Paul got me my first Dremel so now I can do my own custom case mods. Anne and I both got a nice little basket full of sugar-free candies and cookies and a new Garth Brooks CD for her and a new Foxtrot book for me and some cool new kitchen towels.

All in all one can’t complain. The gifts were wonderful and the company even better. Definitely one of the better Christmases of all time for me and my family. It’ll take me a while to work off the pounds I’ve put back on from these wonderful dinners as well.

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