Lookout for the giant snowflakes!

OK, back when Michele started her Christmas Decoration Hell meme I promised to get you guys some pics of the house near us that gets bombarded every year with giant snowflakes.

So, here it is. In all honesty, other than the outrageous size of the snowflakes, this house is not at all unattractive. The owners have managed to be excessive and yet still not cross the line into gaudy. When we took the snaps last night there was a Humvee parked out front with a cherry picker on a trailer behind it and one of the biggest real wreaths I’ve ever seen propped up against the garage door. It appears they were still rigging up lights and decorations as of last evening.

As a bonus I’ve included a shot of the neighbor’s house where you can see that the owner is making a valiant effort to keep up, but hasn’t quite gotten to the same levels of coverage as his friends next door. Still he was out last night too putting in last minute light sculptures in the shape of gifts. If you look closely at the bigger version of the bottom pic (click on it) you might even see the poor guy bent over in the yard making adjustments.

I must confess that I dream of the day I could afford to buy that many lights, let alone have the creativity and skills to rig them up in such an attractive manner. Once I do manage to buy a house, though, look out. I’ll probably end up in future editions of Christmas Decoration Hell.

4 thoughts on “Lookout for the giant snowflakes!

  1. Kim’s sort of scared because I’ve said Clarke W. Griswold is an idol of mine . . . when we finally buy a house, she’s doomed!

  2. Oh that poor SOB next door…unless he erects scaffolding or builds a second/third story, he’ll never catch up to his neighbor.

  3. How amazing……all those lights. Good thing those people aren’t living in California. Their electric bill alone could run a small African nation.

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