Initial loot report.

Good Christmas Morning everyone!

Hopefully Santa has been very good to you this year. I have no complaints and I’m checking in with my initial loot report. So far I’ve gotten a wonderful otter figurine from my brother along with a $40 Borders gift card, No One Lives Forever 2 from my daughter, Spearhead expansion for Medal of Honor, Freakstyle for PS2, Battlefield 1942, and cool multi-function tool from my wonderful wife/Santa. Plus candy in my stocking. We’re due at Anne’s parents around 12 or so for another round of gift exchanges so this list is sure to grow.

Best of all we woke up to Christmas snow as you can see from the picture to the right. Our last snowfall had completely melted by the time Christmas Eve came around so to wake up to such a wonderful view this morning was the icing on the cake and it’s just started snowing again. Everything one could hope for on Christmas morning.

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