I wish I were rich…

Yeah, I can hear the chorus of voices yelling out, in unison, who wouldn’t? Aside from just being somewhat materialistic at times the other reason it would be nice to be rich is that I could decide to help perfect strangers spend Christmas with their kids for no reason other than it would be a nice thing to do.

I was checking out my referrer log and came across a new link back to a site called wild-heart.net which is a blog maintained by a woman who goes by the name of Chelle. I spent some time reading her blog and was struck by the following recent entry titled Life Sucks:

Talked with the woman handling my disability claim and she said has gone for the final medical review with their panel of psychiatrists and won’t get back to her until the 25th of this month, which is Christmas so it will probably be after Christmas. Then it has to go to the final review board who will make the final decision. So in other words I won’t get to see my boys for Christmas unless some kind souls donate to my paypal. I’m totally bummed now.

This started me digging through her site to see if I could learn a little more about her situation. From what I’ve gathered she’s divorced, is in counseling to overcome some problems and has three kids who live with their father some distance away. I haven’t read every entry on her site yet, but that’s what I’ve put together so far. Chelle put up a paypal link so folks could donate to help her raise the $138 she needs for a round-trip Greyhound bus ticket.

I wish I were rich so when I come across things like this where a mom just needs a lousy bus ticket to go see her kids over the holidays I could just give it to them without a second thought. Given the ability of the net to help those who don’t really need the help such as Karyn Bosnak you’d think coming up with a crummy $138 such as this would be easy to do.

Alas, Chelle’s blog doesn’t seem to be a part of the blogger clique, much the same way mine isn’t, so her plight doesn’t seem to have attracted much attention. Robyn and friends were able to raise enough money to send Statia to Florida for Thanksgiving and make a hefty donation to breast cancer research by holding a wet t-shirt contest. If I thought I had the sort of body to inspire folks to donate to Chelle’s cause I’d try a similar stunt. Perhaps I could promise not to pose naked if folks donate? I guess I’ll just do my little part to try and draw a little attention her way and maybe see if I can’t come up with a few spare bucks to send along. If you’ve happened upon this entry and can spare a few bucks to help a mom see her kids for Christmas you’ll find the link to her paypal account on the main page of her website.

4 thoughts on “I wish I were rich…

  1. and…you know for a fact that her blog isn’t fake how?

    these days it would be pretty easy for anybody with a bit of time on there hands to make up some sob story to scam money out of people and take advantage of people who are trying to be nice.

    especially easy around the holidays

  2. Mike, dude, check the dates. This was posted way back in 2002. You’re a tad bit on the late side to this party, man.

    I hadn’t checked in with Chelle in some time, but it looks like she’s still blogging and doing fairly well all things considered.

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