Happy Anniversary to me!

As of today, my blog is exactly 1 year old. I originally started it on December 2nd of 2001 with a single entry for the month that bascially said “Hey! It’s up!” for those folks who have trouble noticing the obvious. It would be until January before I actually started to post anything even remotely interesting. I originally called my blog Wandering Randomly Amongst The Blogs and at least one other blog out there still has me linked as such. It was a stupid name, though, so I switched to Stupid Evil Bastard which more accurrately describes how a lot of folks seem to view me.

Perhaps in the next year I’ll actually start talking about something that’s interesting to people. *Grin*

4 thoughts on “Happy Anniversary to me!

  1. Hey – happy blogiversary! You’re “younger” than me, but I can still remember finding you, about – what – six months ago? Seven? I remember the discussions about “stupid evil bastard” vs “militant santas for a better tomorrow” (which I still like…you’re a creatively evil militant santa.)

    *scuttles off to mark another date in my calendar*

  2. Thank you, thank you. Hard to believe it’s been a year already. I guess this means I can start using that MT plugin that lists off old entries from the previous year, eh? grin

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