Good thing for them they’re in the majority here.

There’s a fascinating essay by the folks of the Barna Research Group that may come as a bit of a surprise to Christians: Surprisingly Few Adults Outside of Christianity Have Positive Views of Christians.

One reason why evangelical churches across the nation are not growing is due to the image that non-Christian adults have of evangelical individuals. In a nationwide survey released by the Barna Research Group of Ventura, California among a representative sample of people who do not consider themselves to be Christian, the image of “evangelicals” rated tenth out of eleven groups evaluated, beating out only prostitutes. The non-Christian population was not as dismissive of all Christians or religious people, however, as ministers and “born again Christians” were among the three highest-rated segments evaluated.

The report goes into some detail with regards to how it all breaks down and will certainly be an eye-opener for some Christians. I must say that I’m not all that surprised that evangelicals are ranked only slightly better than prostitutes, though, as many Christians of other denominations themselves tend to have issues with that group.

2 thoughts on “Good thing for them they’re in the majority here.

  1. It is a little surprising…seeing as how it’s much easier to figure out why prostitutes are likely to be in their line of work (need for money, inability to work on other jobs, so on). It’s a bit difficult to fathom what makes evangelicals suddenly believe that they not only know best, but can genuinely solve all the world’s problems by making everyone think the same way that they do.

    (And with the way some evangelical preachers dress, they look enough like pimps that there should be a decent crossover between the two least-positively-regarded groups.)

  2. When the prostitute screws me she is probably leaving me with a satisfied smile on my face right before she steals my wallet. When the Church screws me they leave me with an impending sense of doom because I have to meet impossible standards or burn forever in a lake of fire. Then they pick my pocket. The church sells me fear and uncertainty while the prostitute sells me sexual satisfaction.

    I get all of the fear and uncertainty I need for free from my job, my government, and my wasted life…I say put the prostitute above the evangelicals because she actually provides a useful service.

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