Golden smiles.

Got my second gold crown put on a couple of days ago. Dentist used temporary adhesive because there had been some concern I might still need a root canal done. Was supposed to go back in 6 weeks and have it permanently glued on if I didn’t have any problems with pain.

I made it to this morning before the damn thing came off. Pain hadn’t been much of an issue until that point. Managed to get a late afternoon appointment and so I slid the crown back onto the tooth where it stayed more or less in place for the rest of my work day. Seeing as it wasn’t bothering me much until it came off we went ahead and glued that sucker down for good. That hurt more than it coming off in the first place. Amazing how sensitive a tooth can be when it’s been carved up into a post. I’m not doing too badly with it now, but I was wondering for a little bit if we’d been a bit hasty.

So now when I smile I have two gold teeth right next to each other. They’re both molars so it’s hard to see them most of the time, but occasionally they peek through.

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