Getting into the spirit…

I was getting a little frustrated with not being able to come up with a decent Yuletide look for the site and so I spent most of last night working on one. It’s not completely finished (I still have some block elements to move over) and it’s as ugly as that lump of coal in your stocking on Christmas morning, but it’s the best I’ve managed so far and there ain’t a whole helluva lot of time left till Christmas.

So, here it is. Try to keep your pointing and laughing to a minimum or at least wait till I leave the room, OK? Expect the other side blocks to mysteriously appear at random over the next couple of days.

5 thoughts on “Getting into the spirit…

  1. I second Greg’s comment.  I stand in awe of you cool-ass site design.  It looks good, but I promise to laugh at you if it makes you feel better.

  2. Thank you to everyone for the nice comments. I have to admit the site design is starting to grow on me as well. Colors don’t bug so much anymore, but I still look at it and go “Oooo. That coulda been better and that’s a little confusing.” So many folks are so much more talented at this than I am so I get a little envious at times.

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