First a vicar, now a teacher.

Apparently upset that a vicar in the UK was getting all the attention for crushing the Christmas dreams of a bunch of little kids, now we get word that a teacher in Florida has also told kids there is no Santa.

Pissed off parents want the teacher disciplined, but no real rules have been broken. Instead, the school promises to produce a Santa with a real, full beard for the kids to meet in hopes of smoothing things over.

4 thoughts on “First a vicar, now a teacher.

  1. I can understand the Vicar trying to debunk Santa..the whole Santa Clause thing detracts from the whole religious thing. It is probably pretty tough to sell the concept of an old white bearded guy who will send you to burn in hell if you don’t worship his son when there is an alternative white bearded old guy who brings you a bunch of cool crap for nothing! They both expect that you will be good but we all know that Santa will cut you a lot more slack.

    Now I don’t have a problem with the teacher either per se, but it probably wasn’t her best judgement. However, she didn’t lie to them either…newsflash folks, there is NO Santa Clause. I am all for a teacher teaching kids about math, english, and science because those are skills we all need to get along in life (to one degreee or another). But I would have a real problem if a teacher were telling children that the Easter Bunny, space aliens, and God were proven facts. I’m all for an ‘if you can’t prove it you can’t teach it curriculum’.

    Oh, and Bah Humbug.

  2. All I gotta say is sometimes it is a real drag to live in a Christian-o-centric country.  No, I don’t know if that is a word, but for God’s sake people, not everyone believes as you do.  And you know why? Because we look at you and you are some of the nastiest people we know.

    As for Santa and the teacher, maybe it was the only way she knew how to get the parents involved in their childrens’ schooling.

    Yes, I am cranky today, I got bit in the head.

    I’ll stop.

  3. I don’t have a problem with folks not wanting to participate in the holiday or to spread the myths (of both kinds) that surrounds it, but I do think both of the people involved in this should have deferred giving out their opinions to the audiences they did.

    It’s one thing to not want to participate in a holiday, it’s another to ruin it for someone else’s kids.

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