Excedrin and Toys for Tots.

One of the more popular urban legends that shows up repeatedly in my inbox has to do with forwarding an email to all your friends so that some organization will donate X amount of Y to some person/cause. Don’t bother sending those to me as they are always hoaxes.

However, some companies seem intent to take popular urban legends and turn them into realities. The folks at Excedrin Headache Resource Center for example. They’ve set up a website where every person who clicks on the Toys for Tots logo will prompt the kind folks at Excedrin to donate a toy to that fine cause.

That’s right. Between December 2nd (I found out about this a little late) and December 31st go to Excedrin’s website and click on the Toys for Tots logo in the middle of the page and they’ll donate a toy. Only one click will count so there’s no need to go crazy on your mouse and it’s possible they may have already hit the $5,000 limit they’ve set, but in case they haven’t go give it a click just to be safe. It’s simple, it’s true, and you don’t need to forward anything to anyone.

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