Elf Bowling 3

Looks like the folks at NStorm have been at it again. They had a big hit with a little game called Elf Bowling a couple of years ago and then, later, Elf Bowling 2, which was actually elf shuffleboard.

Now they’re back with Elf Bowling 3 at the request of the folks at TechTV. This time out the game is a variant on the old classic early-computer game called Artillery. Try to launch elves onto the various targets for reasons too silly to get into here. The elves still have their bad attitudes and make plenty of rude comments and that was half the fun of the first two games. I’ve not played this one enough yet to tell if it’ll addict me like the first two did, but if you liked the first two then there’s no harm in trying this one out.

7 thoughts on “Elf Bowling 3

  1. EB3 is fun—I just discovered EB2 last month, after having had the original for about 3 years. I don’t know if it’s as much fun as 2, but 1 remains the classic.

  2. unfortunately, they do not make these three games to run on winME OS. WAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!

  3. I’ve been having trouble downloading Elf Bowling 3, everytime I try to download it from any site, it says that the site can’t be found, if anyone could get in touch and let me know of a site where I can get it or maybe even send it to me, I’d appreciate it greatly, thanks so much!

  4. Sounds like you may have a problem with your browser. I just tried downloading the game from the links I have in this entry and it still downloads just fine. Not sure what to tell you.

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