Christmas spirits are rising.

There is something magical to me about waking up to a Saturday morning with big fluffy flakes of snow falling from the sky. That’s what happened this morning and it got me as geeked as any new tech toy could.

A couple of weeks ago I was lacking in the Christmas spirit department because I was letting life in general get to me. Today I’m doing much, much better. It’s been slowly changing since I put in my entry on my Holiday blues. It started improving once I got my Christmas tree up. Then it got better once the first gift was wrapped and placed underneath. I think my worries had less to do with the fact that we had a very limited budget this year as much as it was already December and I didn’t have a single thing under the tree and anymore in my life the days just seem to fly by so damned fast. I was worried I wouldn’t get it all done in time. We still have one or two gifts to pick up, but we’re pretty much done shopping and the tree looks great with the packages under it. We’ve even already delivered one of our Christmas presents to it’s recipient as well. I once again have a growing sense of eagerness as the big day approaches.

Or it could just be my excitement at us going to see The Two Towers this morning too. Who knows?

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