Christmas decorations from HELL!

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Michele over at A Small Victory is looking for folks to send in their best examples of Christmas decorating gone horribly, terribly wrong.

She lists off a good 14 examples of Christmas decor excess to get you started and she wants you to find even more. She’s already posted two updates to the project here and here. You gotta check these out as some of them are hilarious. I even have my own contributions to add as presented here in this very article. Drove past this one on the way home from Thanksgiving dinner at my parent’s house and just HAD to stop and take a couple of pictures. The quality isn’t so hot, but you get the general idea. There’s another house just a mile or two from me that really goes all-out and can be seen from half a block away due to the giant snowflakes mounted on their roof. I’ll be getting pictures of that one to post in the very near future.

I have to admit, however, that if I had a home instead of an apartment I could easily fall into the same trap of over-decorating as I look at these efforts with more envy than I should probably admit to.

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