Christmas celebrating officially begins tonight.

I’m trying to get my blogging in before noon because the rest of the day will be a bit busy. Since I and my siblings grew up the traditional time spent at Mom and Dad’s has shifted to Christmas Eve. So in a little while we’ll be packing up the gifts for that side of the family and heading off to Otisville to spend the evening with my side of the family.

Is it just me, or does anyone else expect to hear the Andy Griffith show theme song whenever they say “Otisville”? Go look at the pictures from that link, it almost looks like an old TV show.

So our celebration of the holiday starts tonight with round 1 of Christmas dinner and the traditional mad dash to open presents. That should be a little less frantic this year as the adults drew names so we weren’t stretching our budgets too far trying to buy for the kids and each other. Thanksgiving and Christmas are the two main days of the year that the whole family tends to get together so it’ll be good to catch up with everyone and see how they are doing.

Tomorrow morning will be here at home opening our presents to each other and having a hearty Christmas breakfast. Then at noon we’ll be heading over to Anne’s parents’ house for another gift exchange and round 2 of Christmas dinner. It’s two, two, two Christmases in one! All this food and presents and seeing people all at once in a two day period, is it any wonder it’s my favorite time of the year? So if I’m not able to get back to the keyboard to put in another entry, let me just take a moment now to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.

Though I will probably find time to sneak in my loot list in-between playing with my new toys.

6 thoughts on “Christmas celebrating officially begins tonight.

  1. All I want for Christmas for the SEB is to have my info remembered when I come to comment. Well, that and a great big smooch!

    Merry Christmas, Les! May your Holidays be filled with much joy and prosperity.

  2. I’d like that too. grin I think it has to do with the fact that IE 6 has that new privacy function that limits what cookies it’ll accept. At the default setting it won’t accept cookies from a domain other than the one of the website you’re currently viewing. My installation of MT is under my subdomain and so that would make IE 6 reject any cookies it tries to set up under my SEB domain. I’m trying to figure out a way around it.

    Thank you for the good wishes. I hope your Christmas brings you all the toys you’ve been hoping for!

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    Thanks. I picked it out myself. I thought it was succinct and to the point.

    To be both

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