Chelle will see her boys for Christmas.

A week or two ago I talked about how Chelle was asking for donations to raise $138 for a bus ticket to go see her two boys for Christmas. Something about her story touched a chord and I put out a call to spread the word. I didn’t think I’d be much help because I’m not one of the more popular blogs out on the net, but enough folks must have picked up on it because Chelle reports she’s gotten her wish!

Someone by the name of Ellen came through with the rest of the funds Chelle needed and is now Chelle’s honorary Christmas Angel. Thanks to all who helped by either spreading the word or making a donation no matter how small. I had hoped that if folks would donate to a spoiled brat with a $20,000 charge account that they’d find it in their hearts to cough up a few bucks so a mom could see her kids. Again, thanks to everyone who helped out. This is a great Christmas present not just for Chelle, but for me too.

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