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Ever wondered about the history of Christmas lights? How they got started? What the early types looked like? Well I stumbled across The Antique Christmas Lights Site just this morning and it holds some of the answers to those questions. Definitely worth checking out if you’re ever stopped after decorating the tree to wonder how such wonderful misuse of electricity got started.

For example, the first electrically lit Christmas tree was put on display by Edward Johnson, an associate of Edison’s, just three years after the invention of the electric bulb. However electric tree lighting wouldn’t really come into its own until the General Electric Company offered a pre-assembled lighting outfit in 1903 for the rather hefty price of $12.00 (roughly equal to about $80.00 today).

Speaking of which, I’ll be putting my own Christmas lights up today, finally. Time to decorate my tree.

2 thoughts on “Bill’s Antique Christmas Light Site

  1. Started putting up my lights this p.m.  Must have thousands of all sorts and shapes.  Ever notice how hard they try to make the new ones look old.??Kind of like us humans.  Hang around on a tree long enough and you will look old.  But not as much power in the wires.


  2. I’m looking for Hellum Old Fashioned German Christmas Tree Light Set bulbs, imported from west Germany by International Inc. purchased back in 1976 from Bronners.

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