Anti-Spammers 1, Spam King 0

You just gotta love a good follow-up to a story that made you feel crummy. Seems the article that Mike Wendland of the Detroit Free Press wrote on Alan Ralsky, the so-called King of Spam, which I commented on here not too long ago has resulted in Alan becoming the victim of Snail Mail SPAM:

West Bloomfield bulk e-mailer Alan Ralsky, who just may be the world’s biggest sender of Internet spam, is getting a taste of his own medicine.

Ever since I wrote a story on him a couple of weeks ago (, he says he’s been inundated with ads, catalogs and brochures delivered by the U.S. Postal Service to his brand-new $740,000 home.

It’s all the result of a well-organized campaign by the anti-spam community, and Ralsky doesn’t find it funny.

“They’ve signed me up for every advertising campaign and mailing list there is,” he told me. “These people are out of their minds. They’re harassing me.”

Awwww, poor baby! I feel so BAD for you! No, really, I do! It must be tough getting thousands of unwanted ads and solicitations every day! Still, I don’t know what you’re complaining about. If you don’t want them then just throw them away. Isn’t that the same as what you tell those of us who get your stupid email spam? After the previous two stories I put up today, this one has me absolutely giddy!

5 thoughts on “Anti-Spammers 1, Spam King 0

  1. It’s not a “Well-Organized Campaign” – it doesn’t need to be.  It’s an Obviously Good Meme, and we’ve all been happy to volunteer, without any central coordination.  Think of it as evolution in action.

  2. Alan is currently offering a download called Open Relay Check. What he has is software that appears to be checking your relay to see if it is open but really copies your server information and then lists your servers in the blind proxy list and open mail relay lists. He then sells the information on his website which has a China P.O. BOX.

    We tested the software and had our security engineers put mock information in it to verify its activity to confirm the truth. We traced the information back to a sale to another bulk email company

    This guy is a real piece of work. You would think by being sued so damn much that he would quit.

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