A reader stands up to defend famous psychics.

A reader by the name of Ryan felt the need to stand up and state why he believes in professional psychics James Edward and Sylvia Browne, but not James Van Praagh. He made his observations, using many properly spelled words, in the comments to a previous blog entry I made where I wasn’t very kind to said psychics.

Im a strong believer in John Edward, and Sylvia Browne, but not James Van Praagh. James always says “kind, happy” things to his guests ALWAYS. Everything that comes out of your mouth when your a psychic can not be positive or your a def. phony. It just makes no sense. I belive that psychics are real because they would not have made it this far if they were phonies. They predict future events that would be impossible to do. Sylvia Browne helps the FBI in cases and she does it well. Therefore, psychics are real in my belief and I don’t think John Edward would commit his life to being a “psychic” if he was a phony.

Psychics are about as real as unicorns and faeries, but I understand that a lot of people believe in those things as well. Your suggestion that they could only have made it “this far” if they were really psychics is argumentum ad populum (Appeal to Popularity Fallacy). Successfully selling oneself to the public as a psychic doesn’t actually prove anything other than there are a lot of gullible people out there with money to burn. There are countless number of scam artists who have become very famous and done very well despite being phonies.

You claim that Sylvia Browne has helped the FBI. I would love for you to provide documentation of one single case she ever helped solve. Hell, the woman can’t even accurately predict celebrity births and yet you say she’s helping the FBI?

Let’s see, Sylvia’s predictions for the year 2000 included Courtney Cox getting pregnant and giving birth to a baby boy. Courtney didn’t get pregnant until 2001 and miscarried 3 months later. She also claimed that David Letterman would quit his show and the end of 2000, but last I checked he was still hosting away. She predicted that “Gwyneth Paltrow marries an older man who is in the entertainment business, but not as well known as she.” Last I checked, she was still single.

OK, so maybe she didn’t do so well with the celebs that year, let’s try more important news. Sylvia predicted that “There is going to be a very definite detection of mines and some bombs that have not been detonated off the coast of Hawaii.” Hmmm. I can’t come up with any newspaper reports of mines and bombs being discovered in Hawaii that year. She also claimed “There is going to be a shake-up at American Airlines during January and February. American will also merge with Alaska Airlines.” Let’s see no big shakeups that I recall until the 9/11 event (which Sylvia seems to have missed predicting). How about her prediction that “An earthquake hits around the Niagara Falls area, small but significant because of where it is.” No, no, that didn’t happen either. Damned shame she wasn’t able to help with the recent serial sniper case either. Sure could have used her telling us who the hell to arrest after the first couple of people got shot. She did try to lay some claim to having helped on the case, but she didn’t give specifics. Always handy to make such claims after someone else has solved it.

Of course, Sylvia has since taken her predictions for 2000 down from her website so folks won’t go back and reference them. It’s too bad she didn’t think about the Web Archive and the fact that her page might be cached. You’d think she would have psychically picked up on that one.

Anyway Ryan, you keep right on believing in those psychics. I’m sure they’ll come in handy some day when you desperately need to know about some rugs you’ll be getting in the future.

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  1. Just felt like leaving a commment about the Sylvia Browne issue.  You know this day and age. I really don’t know what to believe in. I do try to keep an open mind in everything.  Why shut specific beliefs out you know? Who knows. Maybe Phychics are fakes, but then again, who are we to be so sure? We’ll never really know.  If you believe in God etc.. You’ll know when you pass on. I do have a strong belief in the other side. Why sure.. why not? hehe.. Leaves me with peace.  Of course everyone has their own opinion, but I don’t think we should bash everyone that has a different opinion than our own. That’s all.  I mean how can we let words hurt us so much? That almost seems to cause more damage than a freaking gun! I suppose we need to stop being so sensitive haha.. I don’t know.. Anyway, I suppose that’s my two cents on it…

    Also, I do tend to lean a little toward the believing that people are phychics, but I think that everyone is phychic in thier own way.  For example. I’ve predicted a friend’s death out of the blue. Happend two weeks later.  How does one explain such a thing? That’s the proof I was given. EVERYONE has the ability. I suppose some people can tap into thier abiility a little easier than most.

    Have Fun…

  2. Hey, I just wanted to leave a little comments saying that Mr. BreezeArtist, I like that comment you made. I really like it alot. I feel that Sylvia and John Edward are very real. Also, Nobody’s perfect. NOBODY! So psychics odviously aren’t perfect either! No REAL psychic says that they’re always right. That would just be stupid. There are real psychics, and fake psychics.
    Plus, everyone is psychic to an extent.
    Like Sylvia says:

    “Anyone can learn to play the piano, but not everyone is a concert pianist.”

    Thank you for your time…

  3. Dear Everyone:

    I think that everyone has a natural sensitivity towards picking up on thoughts, feelings, etc. I think the mind then speculates on where these thoughts and such might lead. That’s how people can “see” or “hear” the future naturally.

    I also know that God can tell you or show you things. I was told that my mother was going to get sick and die within two years. It was right to the date. I also was told how old my father would be when he died. Right again. But, there was something that went with that; I was told NOT to tell either one of my parents. I told my best friends and spiritual director and no one else.

    I was told NOT to tell them because it would make them feel bad. Besides, my common sense told me that it was dumb to say such things because if I was wrong it would cause only heartache and fear.

    Now, the Bible says that prophecy, which is the speaking out of what the Lord tells you, can be something from the past, the present or the future. No matter what you see and hear though, the Bible says that the role of prophecy in this day and age is to edify, to build up and to comfort. I don’t think that telling my parents when they were going to die and how would be of any comfort. That’s why I did not tell them.

    I say this because I just had two of my church members go on the Montel Williams Show to talk about their missing daughter. They have evidence, such as fingerprints, witnesses, and statements from the person who kidnapped her to show that their daughter is alive and well somewhere. The place where the little girl was supposedly drowned was in a place with a grate made up of half inch openings that are made to trap tiny fish. Divers looked everywhere in that area and down and up from the area to find her. They dragged the river twenty minutes after she was in there and the chief diver said, “I am 99.9% positive that Acacia Patience Bishop is NOT in that river”

    Yet, Sylvia Browne got on the same show with these parents and said their daughter was dead. When they brought up that there was physical evidence and witnesses to the contrary she said, “they were making it up.” Really???? I suppose the fingerprint from the man involved in this kidnapping, the threats to the parents and all the witnesses are “just made up” too?

    I can understand that no one is perfect. But all that the psychics have done to these parents is to lie to them and try to suck money from their pockets. This same psychic told these parents that she would help them for eight hundred dollars. That was before she saw them on the air. I guess because they didn’t go for her generous offer the best she could tell them was that their girl was dead and hidden in the silt in the “mouth of the river” Really???? How could that child be at the mouth of the river when she would have to have passed through half inch to one inch grates to float intact some two hundred miles away within twenty minutes? That is impossible!!! Sylvia also said the river led to the Ocean. Really???? Since when does the Snake River itself empty directly into the Pacific Ocean? I guess her spirits don’t know much about geography!

    The Bible warns against seeking out psychics that “peep and mutter.” If God wants to tell you something He can and will do so without you having to pay anyone for that knowledge.
    That Sylvia might have made a mistake is one thing. That Sylvia would act like a chump and run right over these parents and their witnesses and evidence is another thing.

    I think she is a fraud and a manipulating jerk. If you doubt what I am saying, then watch the next show with Sylvia on. Unless they edit the Hell out of the show, (and I use my words deliberately) the whole world will see her for the fake and the liar that she is.

    Thanks for listening.

    Pastor T

  4. Sylvia Browne is totally real.
    She is my aunt. I know shes real.
    Shes helped millions of people.Gimme a break you freaks who think she isnt real!

  5. I believe Sylvia Browne is real, I just don’t think believe she’s a psychic. Though I suppose she might not be real. She could be a really impressive muppet.

  6. Well I am not afraid to leave my full name when I am talking about someone.  Sylvia Brown is a FAKE!!!!!!  She only exploits those whom she can make money on.  In the begining of my daughters Kidnapping I was told to call her up and mabey she could help.  After much prodding I did.  She told me $800.00 and then she would talk.  If she really had info on missing person cases why has she not gone and solved all of the cases??  The truth is she will only give anwsers that are vauge.  Sometimes, and I have proof of it, she will even change her story in the middle of it.  I was asked to go on the “Montel” show and I was hoping for exposure for my daughter but instead I recieved a line of crap from the worlds most expensive liar!!!!
    Remember in the Bible it warns people of “Mystics” and “Physics” it says they weave webs.  That is exactly what she did and I have seen it first hand.  You know if you even remotely dig up info on her you will find out that she scamed investors out of millions of dollars saying that there was gold in a mine that they were investing into.  She made off with money by LYING!!!!!  That is all she knows how to do.  I will spread the truth about her until I breath my last breath!!!!!!!!
    When it comes right down to it, why would someone charge people for information to find thier lost loved ones when they themselfs were givin the Gift.  It does not make sense.  Why do you think it is called a GIFT!!!  Not to make money and to cheat people out of there lives!!  To give people something is to help them, the key word is HELP.  Charging for something that is not yours is EVIL!!!!!!!!!

    Adam Bishop

  7. I will not comment on this as im a gay psychic with a huge shiney slap head, im deaf and blind have no arms or legs, and enjoy sky diving, so as you might of guest im in no position to comment on mediums as my pet cucumber would surely prob my broken down washing machine…. i hope you can understand my position.

  8. Jesus, people, look up “cold reading” in Google.  It’s what so-called psychics do.

    Get a 3-digit IQ

  9. I’m trying to remain undecided on Ms. Browne myself. Surely people make mistakes, and it(predictions, etc.) is no exact science.
    Until there is 100% positive proof showing she is either the real thing or a great scam artist, I don’t think it’s fair to judge.

    What I want to know is, for those that believe she is a phony, does that mean there are no pyschics? No one sitting around at home living their life, day after day, encountering things that come true (like deaths, illnesses and other events) whether it be in dreams or visions and the like? Just telling their close friends, maybe keeping a journal, not making a penny from it. Are they real, or do they not exist?

  10. actually she is real, science actually tested her, and prooved her sixth sense. but remember you cant take the bible literal . i do believe she is a real psychic/medium, ive seen her on Montel and people have quizzed her, and she was right.

  11. And the credulous continue to line up, seems P.T. Barnum was right.

    For the record, the following statement is, too quote Penn & Teller, Bullshit…

    actually she is real, science actually tested her, and prooved her sixth sense

    Science has done no such thing. To speak correctly, no reputable scientist has claimed proof in any form of psychic phenomena. In fact, James Rando has had an infamous million dollar prize sitting on the table for anyone who can provide any testable evidence of the supernatural. It’s been sitting there for years, unclaimed.

    Do yourself a favor, stop watching Montel and pick up a copy of Scientific American, or better yet The Skeptical Inquirer.

  12. I’m amazed that people are so drawn into this industry of cons. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen Ms. Sylvia Browne be proved wrong on National TV. For example, a woman asked about how her husband died. Sylvia responded that he drowned. The women replied back how is that possible. He was in the World Trade Center on September 11th. Immeaditally Sylvia, responded, maybe it was because of the water from firehose. Come on, nice save, but no one is buying this crap.

    Be careful of what you hear, decide your own future, rather than having someone decide or “predict” it for you


  13. There was also another episode where a woman asked how her daughter died and Sylvia replied “She was shot” The parents looked confounded and replied that she collapsed in her room from reasons unknown. Sylvia tried to save her fat ass yet again by telling them maybe it was her heart. They responded that nothing was wrong with her heart during an autopsy. She then continued by saying maybe something hit her in the chest and caused her heart to stop. The mom then again said there was no bruising to indicate such a thing happened. Any one who believes this reads way too many Fantasy books. And more than likely have several cats and are at least 80lbs overweight. Is it just me or are all psychics and their “believers” ugly fat chicks? I have never seen one hot thin psychic. Oh well just an observation.

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