10 classic Atari video games in a joystick.

Noticed over at Gamestop.com that they are offering a replica of the old joysticks that were used on the classic Atari 2600 video game system that come with 10 classic Atari titles built into the joystick! How friggin’ cool is that? No separate console, just plug the joystick into the TV and start playing. I have no freakin’ idea how it works, but it’s definitely neato. Only problem I can see, other than you’re stuck with the 10 games included whether you like them or not, is the fact that at least 4 of the titles were best played using the paddle controllers and not the joystick. Guess you can’t have everything. How much for this little marvel of engineering? $34.99! Now, you too can once again relive the excitement that is STICK MAN VOLLEYBALL. The sad thing is, that looks good compared to the earlier sports games that the 2600 had.

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