Update your blogrolls.

Someone sent me an email asking why they hadn’t noticed my site showing up as having updated on their blogroll at their site lately even though I obviously have new stuff up. I checked and it turns out it has to do with when I was added to their blogroll. If you did it pre-new domain name then you’ll probably want to edit the listing in your blogroll and change the address to my new domain of https://www.stupidevilbastard.com/. I do have a redirect in place so that if you click on the old link address (les.jenkinsonline.net) it’ll send you to the right spot, but the blogroll service doesn’t recognize the new domain and so I won’t show up as updated.

Of course if you’ve not blogrolled my site, or don’t have a freakin clue what the hell I’m babbling about, then never mind.

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