Stupid Evil Stuff now open.

I’ve been promising it for a long time so I figured I’d better get around to actually doing it. Stupid Evil Stuff is officially open and ready to accept your hard earned dollars in exchange for T-shirts, stickers, wall clocks and other assorted crap you don’t need that will alienate your friends and possibly get you fired from work.

The initial offerings are are still the prototypes I had put up as tests and will probably change before too long so if you want one of the currently offensive T-shirts then you’d better grab it quick as I’ll probably be changing things around within a week or so. Look for a permalink to the shop to show up later today as well.

7 thoughts on “Stupid Evil Stuff now open.

  1. I can understand that. The slogan seemed appropriate at the time, but I’ll probably be changing it all soon anyway. My buddy Hairboy sent me some scans off of a plastic bag of symbols meant to convey that you shouldn’t put the bag over your head or your baby’s head which I’m trying to work into a T-Shirt design. And I’m also working on a slogan that’s a little less-offensive, but not much.

  2. Okay, obviously I’ll need to be hiring SEB for my designs whenever I get to the point of needing them (as if!)….

    But, there IS a project on which your expertise would come in handy….

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