Spending the morning with ‘Tiny’.

This should be interesting. I got a call out of the blue from my Uncle Gene yesterday asking for my assistance this morning. Seems he has an opportunity to pick up some used computer equipment and wanted my input on what would be worth grabbing and what wouldn’t. As always I’m happy to help, but this particular Uncle is the one I’ve never quite known what to make of.

He is a big man so, of course, he has the nickname of Tiny and he has this odd way of projecting a deadly serious, but highly humorous attitude all of the time. Which is a good trick if you can do it. Of my mother’s three brothers he is the one I know the least about which lends a bit of mystery to him. As a kid I was both fascinated and terrified of him at the same time and I suppose there’s a part of me that still is. Oh, and if I’m ever in desperate need of a good dirty joke I know this is the man I should turn to as he never seems to be in short supply of one you’re never heard before. He’s pretty cool in his own way, but spending time with him is often an experience I don’t soon forget. How much of that is because of the way he is as opposed to the way I am is debatable I’m sure, but I do know that I always walk away intending to try and see him more often than I currently do. If nothing else, this should be fun.

1 thought on “Spending the morning with ‘Tiny’.

  1. I think we all have family like that and we really SHOULD spend more time with them, lest we regret it later on. Yet, we tend to appreciate these people so much, because the time with them is rare and special…..

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