Sittin’ and waitin’ for the Sims Online.

Yes, I’m actually sitting here with my PC queued up to download the Sims Online Public Beta Test. The wife and kid are into The Sims and so they’re interested in trying out the beta for what will be, as was eloquently put by one of my coworkers, the world’s most advanced chat room software.

For the first few days of the open beta you could only get the file through one of the big gaming file resource sites like File Planet or File Shack and you had to be a subscriber to the service to boot. Tonight the folks at File Planet have opened up the download to any and all takers. Naturally, their servers are flooded with folks just like me hoping to download a copy of the beta. If you’re not a paying subscriber you have to wait in their file server queue and these are some of the longest waits I’ve ever seen. Right at this point in time I am number 139 out of 326 people waiting to download the client and they are estimating it’ll be another 44 minutes before my turn comes up. That’s not mentioning the fact that it’s a 1,214.8 MB download. Dial-up users need not apply.

Don’t know what’s wrong with me, I suppose I must be somewhat brain damaged to bother downloading the client. Still, I am curious as to how the game is going to work and this’ll give me a chance to try it out without paying for it beforehand.

6 thoughts on “Sittin’ and waitin’ for the Sims Online.

  1. That’s a big maybe. The download finally kicked in, but the throughput was horrible. I was averaging about 39K per second and it was going to take something along the lines of 8 hours to download it so I said to hell with that and aborted it.

    I’ll wait a couple of days and try again. Hopefully it won’t go gold before then. grin

  2. Kim’s a SIMS addict, but not overly interested in the online version—we both weened ourselves from our online gaming habits about 6-7 years ago. Let us know how it goes, though!

  3. Considering that it’s a MMORPG I don’t think you’ll find any pirated copies, which is what you’re asking for, to be very useful. You’re still going to need a CD key for it as well as a credit card just to sign up and try it out. Even with a CD key generator I don’t know how smart it would be to associate your credit card with a piece of software you’ve just pirated. I’ll save you from the potential jail time and just give you a mini-review right here:

    If you’re addicted to chat rooms and would like one that let’s you do repetitive and meaningless tasks for hours on end while you’re busy chatting or if you’re so nuts about The Sims that you can’t stand not owning one of their products then this game is definitely what you want.

    Otherwise, stay away from TSO. It’s nowhere near as fun as the stand-alone game and they charge you money on a monthly basis for what is, let’s face it, a glorified chat room that allows you to do boring and repetitive things while you’re chatting.

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