Political telephone spam.

Is it just me? Or does it seem like there’s an awful lot of political telephone marketing going on this election?

We have got to be getting at least two dozen phone calls a day with some as late into the evening as the one I just received at 8:30PM. It’s a damned good thing the majority of them are prerecorded because there’d be a few telemarketers with some seriously burning earlobes after I got done unloading the barrage of obscenities at them that I am currently in the mood to unleash. I understand the election is important and I plan to vote, but there’s nothing these assholes have to say in their little minute and a half of badly recorded telephone ads that’s going to change my mind one way or the other. If anything it’s giving me serious cause to consider voting for the one or two politicians who haven’t called at all out of spite.

At the very least they should be ceasing with the phone calls after 6PM. Let people enjoy their damned dinner without filling up their answering machines or constantly annoying them as they’re trying to relax for the evening. Stupid pricks.

3 thoughts on “Political telephone spam.

  1. Yes! I noticed the same thing. What’s worse is the fact that they call after 9pm (and on Sunday), which the normal telemarketers aren’t allowed to do! I’m tempted to immediately write off any politician that sends their robot telephone army my way…but then I wouldn’t have anyone left to vote for!

  2. Bill Clinton called my apartment yesterday. It’s kind of sad hanging up on a former president. It’s not that I don’t like him, it’s just that there were things on TV that needed watching.

  3. I got the same things. Some of them even made up my mind whom I would NOT vote for!!
    Keep in mind –  These are the guys we want to legislate controls on “telemarketing”.

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