Political Doom and Gloom

Scott has an interesting rant over at The Gamer’s Nook on the Republicans managing to take full control of both houses of Congress.

Okay, so the Repugnicans have apparently grabbed the whole government and plan on putting through their entire agenda.

There’s a part of me that says, “Good.”

Why? So they can fuck things up so badly, that the ‘merican People can see how fucking bad their ideas are. It’s scary, thinking like this, as we will pay the price dearly, not just financially, but judicially, and with the loss of lives as the Shrubbites begin their campaign of colonizing the Middle East.

I don’t know, maybe I’m getting too old and cynical, but I’m having a hard time getting upset about the Republican victory. Not because I’m not concerned with someone as screwed up as Bush now having little trouble getting anything he wants, but because I’m not really surprised the American public would allow it to happen.

I don’t consider myself a Democrat, though I do tend to vote Democratic more than any other party and that’s mainly because they do come closest to my stance on most issues. I did vote for several Republicans in this election, though mainly for positions with the state of Michigan. I tend to think I’m more Libertarian in my leanings, but even that party has got some real nutcases in it. Of all the parties, though, the only one I identify with less than the Republicans is the Constitution Party (formerly the U.S. Taxpayers Party) and that’s mainly because they’ve said that atheists aren’t welcome in their party. Which is fine as I’ve yet to meet a member of that party that wasn’t a total raging ‘fucktard’, as Da Goddess would put it.

So my lack of anger is probably more a result of my growing cynicism than anything else. I suppose there’s also the realization that the country has survived total Republican control before so it probably will this time too and, if nothing else, it’ll give me plenty of material to write about in the future. Scott’s article is still a good read though.

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