My back is acting up and I’ve had to get Mr. Walking Cane(TM) out of the trunk. I’m not in excruciating pain, but I can’t stand fully upright currently without using my cane and I’ve already called Doc Chiro about dropping in a couple days early so he can try and work some magic. Fortunately I have tomorrow off due to the election. Unfortunately I’m scheduled to spend part of it sitting in a dentist’s chair getting work down on my next tooth cap.

The worst of it, however, is hobbling around work having to explain to every single person what’s wrong with me. For newer building residents I can understand this, but for folks who have been here longer than I have and who already know that I have a back problem and have seen me do my Old Man Mr. Tibbs(TM) imitation at least twice before it’s somewhat irritating having to explain it all again. So I’ve resorted to explaining that I’ve got the cane to whack anyone who comes to me with a stupid computer question. Oh yeah, what did you want to see me about again?

3 thoughts on “Ouchies.

  1. Print out the story on some cardstock. Make the font TINY…hand that to them as you would a business card. Hobble away cackling like a lunatic.

    Hope you’re feeling better soon.

  2. That’s not a bad idea. It’d be especially funny for those folks wearing glasses. Thanks for the well wishes, I’ll be back to normal by the weekend I’m sure. This is a semi-regular thing for me so I’ve gotten used to it. My luck has been holding out pretty well as it started up on Monday and I had Tuesday off for the election so I was able to hit Doc Chiro up Monday night and spend the next 36 hours mainly laying on my back. Today I’m back to work, though still hobbling, but I’m standing straighter than I was Monday. Another trip to the Doc’s tonight after work and more laying around and I suspect I’ll be good as new come Friday.

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