New Switch ad.

Damn, what is in Scott’s wheaties that he keeps finding all these great animations out on the web? I don’t know, but I need to get me some. Anyway, he’s found a new parody on Apple’s Switch ads. You know, the ones where they get supposedly real people to talk about why they switched from using a PC to using a Mac?
The most famous of which is Ellen Feiss because she looks and sounds like she’s stoned off her ass in the commercial?

I don’t know how many people have actually switched to a Mac because of these ads, but they must have had some impact because a lot of folks are doing parody Switch ads and references to the Ellen Feiss ad has even shown up in FoxTrot. The folks at TechTV have even gotten in on the act.

Anyway, to get to the point which I have now taken the round-about way of getting to, here’s a new Switch ad parody that I thought was pretty funny:


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