Karyn has broken even.

According to this CNN.com article, Karyn Bosnak’s cyber-begging website has come through for her and she has officially paid off her $20,000 credit card bill after only three and a half months.

Still, the venture has been an undeniable success, landing Bosnak in “People” magazine and on NBC’s “Today” show. Even better, the collected money was tax-free—considered a gift, according to the Internal Revenue Service.

Bosnak says she has even been approached by a publisher for a possible book deal, and a producer about selling the movie rights.

To say that I was stunned that the IRS said it was all tax-free would be a major understatement. I’m less surprised at the book and movie offers, though when they get around to filming the scene where I sit at my computer and type in my rant about the whole cyber-begging fad I want my part to be played by either Jeff Daniels or, if he’s available, Brad Pitt. Not because I look like either one of them, but because…. well… I don’t really have a good reason.

Anyway, now that that’s all over with you folks who still have a need to throw perfectly good money at total strangers for no apparently worthwhile reason are cordially invited to click on the link to my Amazon Wishlist.

15 thoughts on “Karyn has broken even.

  1. Wow.. if I ever needed proof that there is no god, here it is. Cyber-idiot who spent too much on frou-frou garbage becomes cyber-beggar and gets bills paid by mindless masses. Oh and it’s tax free. *shakes head*  Meanwhile, people are homeless and starve on our very streets. Film at eleven.

    What kinda planet IS this?

    By the way, Jeff should play you in the film. He’s just… more Les-like in nature. (yes, I made that word up. So sue me. I’ll just post a website about “pay my legal fees” or something.)

  2. will they show typing in the nude,  because then I definitely want brad pitt to star!

    I’m so sick of that idiotic girl and her 20,000.  I just can’t abide the whole story.  And yes,  more homeless should get blogs. 

    In my version of the movie she attracts a serial killer who gives her money and then stalks her,  only to be saved… or rather,  she’s killed half way through the first act (how’s that for shocking!) and an investigative journalist solves the case.  Film ends at her grave yard with comments like …“if only she hadn’t spent the twenty grand in the first place…”

    Lord,  I have taken my mean pills today,  havn’t I!

  3. Damn, $20k in 3 months…  Just think of what we could do Les – we’ll have to have a meeting of the minds soon on this, be cyber-peddlers – to feed our computer and video game addiction?    It’s too funny that people are that feel so much pity on these people that they give them $20k…  Hell, I’d take $2k right now – maybe I can get every one of my visitors to give me a dollar?  After a month, I should have $2k!?  Hmmm….

  4. I am sadder than when I heard that Bush had managed to steal the election… however after a discussion with people at work today on this very subject I am reversing my stance on bilking the public. If people want to be idiots then no matter how enfeebled their minds may be I believe that we not only have the right but the obligation to relieve them of their money. Left in their hands they will only do something irresponsible with it.

  5. I say good for her and too bad to the rest of Americans in debt for not thinking of this idea first!  There’s much worse things in this world that she could have done and if the public never fed into her you wouldn’t have this article to write.  So you should be praising her for her story which gives you a reason to write. Without her story one less person for you too bash.  You’re ripping on her website and idea, look at your own site!  So people don’t like her harmless website, then don’t log on.  Simple as that!!

  6. I should be praising her for giving me a reason to write? I can think of a lot of better reasons to write than simply to rant about Karyn. You are correct that she could have picked worse ways to acquire the money, but that doesn’t change the fact that she could have chosen better ways to acquire it as well. Besides, I’m not so much ripping on Karyn as much as I am her supporters.

    As for your statement of “You

  7. Steve, are you kidding me? Praise her for being irresponsible, and then getting the ‘community at large’ to bail her out? I’ll grant you that using the web to panhandle was creative of her. I’m not going to praise that either, though, because one can think of creative ways to do a lot of things that I would frown on. Creative application still does not make it something that sits well with me, ethically.

    She dodged a giant bit of responsibility by making a financial mess of her life and then asking (and getting) everyone else to clean it up for her. Now I suspect her lesson learned is less “I should never allow my lifestyle to exceed my means” and more “If I fuck up, someone will always save me!”

    As for the website, both hers and Les’s – I think you’ve missed the point. It’s not about her site per se – it’s about her actions. As for Les -this site is a place to talk about stuff, that’s what it’s for. Ethically, if you have a problem with folks online talking about things in the world around them, then I am okay with that. Just don’t be a hypocrite – live and let live. If it’s okay for Karyn to beg, it must be okay for Les to talk about it.

  8. I’ve kept quiet on the entire Karyn issue, because my opinion that she’s an irresponsible child who should have to work off her debt won’t really change anyone’s mind. Now, though, I’ve just got to speak up.

    Yes, using the Internet was creative.

    But just because a thing can be done, doesn’t mean that it should be done.

    Now, if she had used the money to pay for a major noncosmetic surgery, or if she had been robbed or defrauded, then it might be different. Those situations were things that she got into presumably not of her own doing. However, she was the one who went out and spent the 20K in the first place. And she didn’t spend it on the basic staples of living. She spent it on luxury items.

    H’m…giving the homeless blogs. There’s a genuinely interesting idea.

  9. “I know that I’m a little old, 250 years to be exact. I’m no beauty queen, but I do have possibilities. That’s why I need cosmetic surgery. I’m not even human. I am a house if you care to know.  [Big fucking boo-hoo story about a house needing repairs deleted] Have a heart and lend an old gal a helping hand?” Merci beaucoup.  Bisous tout le monde.

  10. *eyeballs comment above*  You have got to be kidding me. Les, when did SEB become SEB: Home of the Cyber Beggar?

  11. Karen has my kudos for doing what did, the way I look at it, people have a CHOICE to send the money or not, personally if I had the money I’d send her a dollar a day just for the entertainment value of her site, it’s cheaper than going to a comedy club!

  12. I agree that people have a choice and you’ll note that in my original entry about Karyn I took her supporters to task more so than I did Karyn herself. Karyn was far from poor and there are way more deserving people out there that could have used some help that went to a spoiled New York TV exec instead.

    Go ahead and start your own cyber-begging site. Just don’t come here and advertise it in my comments and we won’t have a problem.

  13. Just thought I would let you know there is a homeless blog. 


    He logs on from the public library.  Anyway, I think if someone is going to give you their money then take it.  If someone has real reasons for needing the money and they are at the end of their rope then I say “Do what you have to do”.  At least they are not selling their bodies for the money or stealing.  People give their money because they want to.

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