Jane, you ignorant slut!

Wow. Seems everyone’s getting laid at work except me. OK, maybe not everyone, but at least 42 percent of office drones that responded to a Playboy magazine survey on office whoopee. Not only is half the working population getting laid, but you women are bigger horn dogs then us men. Consider:

—46 percent of women have bedded their boss compared to only 18 percent of men.

—45 percent of women have had sex on their desk, compared to only 33 percent of guys.

—Finally, 20 percent of ladies will gladly sleep with interns compared to only 12 percent of men.

It would seem I never get invited to those kind of meetings. Probably for the best, don’t think the wife would appreciate it. Still, it’d be nice to be invited once in awhile.

6 thoughts on “Jane, you ignorant slut!

  1. Wow, that’s cool!  Is this more or less believable than stories people send in to the Penthouse letters section?

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