I think I’m in love!

Nothing I love more than a good rant. Hence my current infatuation with a small victory:

I don’t ask you to live the life of me. You don’t see me out on the streets, forcing hamburger down the throat of your friends or forcing you to cut down trees. You don’t see me throwing rocks or breaking glass or defacing property to get my disillusioned point across.

Apparently she’s gotten quite a bit of hate mail lately (read her post for the all the dirt) and that prompted her to let loose with an all-around, cover-all-the-bases general-purpose rant that just made my day. I must not being doing something right because I share many of the same opinions as she does and I hardly ever get hate-mail. Then again I was usually the last kid picked for dodge ball too. Oh well, destined to be unpopular all the way around I suppose.

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