For those of us without fans…

What do you do when everyone else in the blogsphere seems to have various women sending them snapshots of their boobies with wonderfully supportive messages written on them and you can’t even get someone to send you snotty hate-mail with several correctly spelled words? Why you just have to come up with an ultimate fan of your own (Not Safe For Work). Now that’s what I call providing a true public service!

Link first seen over at The World Wide Rant.

UPDATE: Ok, I’ve been informed that apparently I need to spell out what “NOT SAFE FOR WORK” means. Put simply it’s content that could potentially contain offensive material that, if viewed at work, might get you fired (read: boobies and the like). So wait till you get home before looking at it. Often this will be abbreviated as NSFW. Learn it. Know it. Heed it.

2 thoughts on “For those of us without fans…

  1. Finding porn isn’t a problem for me, I just thought it was cool that there was a nice public service available for those of us whose fan base hasn’t gotten fanatical enough to send us a boobies picture yet.

    Trust me, I don’t think you’d want naked pictures of me. Aside from my wife probably being upset about it, I don’t think I have the ruggedly handsome male physique of my youth anymore. Some would argue I’ve never had it. grin

    Now, if you don’t mind a minor Photoshop jobbie where I past my head onto the bodies of various male supermodels, well, I’m sure I could pull that off without too much trouble. grin

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