Final Destination 2

They’re doing a sequel to one of the cooler horror movies I’ve seen: Final Destination.

Called, obviously enough, Final Destination 2 it looks to be better than the first one. The concept is simple enough, group of people about to go on a major trip end up not going because one of them has a premonition of a bad accident. Bad accident actually happens. Death is pissed that not everyone who was supposed to die is involved. Death decides to correct the oversight. Hilarity ensues.

OK, perhaps it doesn’t really count as “hilarity”, but it did make for a decent thriller with just enough gore to count as a horror movie the first time around. In the first flick it was a bunch of high school kids about to take a plane on a school trip. The nightmare sequence in which they show the plane as it explodes on takeoff, from the perspective of those inside it, was particularly disturbing for me as I’d just come off a job where I did a lot of flying around the country.

Not content to just freak out those who travel by air, this new film involves a particularly nasty freeway accident. Of which the nightmare sequence would appear to be as well done as the one in the original film. After escaping Death our band of protagonists spend the rest of the film wondering how and when he will catch up with and dispatch them. There’s a Rube Goldberg quality to how each character ends up meeting his or her untimely end as the camera reveals each of the little coincidences that come together to allow Death to claim those who have slipped through his fingers. I’m not one to believe in the concept of fate or Death as an intangible force, but it does make for a fun movie. Hopefully the sequel will be as fun as the first movie was.

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