Does anyone else feel a draft?

Ever have one of those moments where you’ve just walked up to the urinal and you go to unzip your pants only to find that they are already unzipped and you can’t recall if you unzipped them as you were walking up or if you’ve been wandering around your office for the past 4 hours with your fly wide open without anyone bothering to tell you? Ever have one of those moments? Yeah, I just had one of those a little while ago.

1 thought on “Does anyone else feel a draft?

  1. I can’t recall ever doing that at work, but in highschool I can remember a time where I was on the pay phone calling my parent to come pick me up after a detention and slouching like some James Dean wannabe against the brick wall behind me. I was facing the front office and I noticed two cheerleaders were looking at me and smiling, when they saw me looking at them they waved and walked away giggling furiously. I had assumed they were mocking me for some reason, and I was right…my pants were completely unzipped and I was flashing anyone who walked down the hall. Rebel without a clue.

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