Crap on top of my monitor.

I got this idea from the Hardware Princess and an entry wherein she lists what she has currently sitting on top of her monitor. Being as I work as a PC support technician for one of the big three automakers I actually have two monitors that have crap on top of them. As I sat there contemplating which of the two I’d write about it occurred to me that both of my workstations are a testament to how ADD affects one’s organizational skills. Not to mention both work and home environments made for interesting pictures so instead of listing off just the crap on top of my monitors I decided to make use of my trusty cheap-ass digital camera and take a couple of snaps of both. And here they are. Yes, that’s HP’s homepage on my monitor at home. No prizes will be awarded to folks attempting to identify all of the objects in either picture, but it might be interesting to hear what folks come up with. Click on either pic for a full-size version.

Oh, and for those who will invariably ask about the two beanie babies sitting on top of my origami speakers in the work photo, coworkers put those there so that I will always have a Cock and Bull story to tell. Get it?

5 thoughts on “Crap on top of my monitor.

  1. GOD! And I thought I was messy. What happened to the “Keep Your Speakers away from the CRT Bit?” I do have a plastic figure of a demon hanging 10 on my camera chip reader….Which is stacked on top of the MO Drive ,which is on top of the RW Drive, which is on top of the power distrib.pnl…Oh Well…

  2. I never said I was a neatnik. As for the speakers, well, on the home PC they’re shielded so it doesn’t matter and on the work PC they’re so wimpy that they can only dream of harming my monitor. It’s not like I intend things to get this cluttered. It just sort of… happens.

  3. Hey, thanks for the mention, SEB. My first one, as far as I know! On your monitor, I see family pics (mine are on the wall) a monsters inc doll, of course the beanies, and a card that must mean something to you. (White monitor:) Is that a ferret or a beaver? A platypus? I love diet coke w/lemon. Try the diet vanilla coke if you’re into sweetness.

    Thanks, Kris

  4. Not a problem, I thought it was a cool idea so credit was due to the person who thought it up.

    The card was just one of the more recent ones my wife stuck into my lunch one day not too long ago. She has a habit of doing that sort of thing.

    The mystery animal on my home monitor is an otter, which is my favorite animal for various obscure reasons. That particular otter has electronics in him that make him squeek and wiggle when handled in a way that is almost totally, but not completely, unlike what a real otter would do when handled. The wonders of modern technology, eh?

  5. Wow…  And people say i’m messy raspberry   My desk at home is probably not too far from your 2nd pic!  I hope to clean my messy desk this week though!!

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