Chamber day.

Well, the new Harry Potter movie opens today and it looks like it’ll do well. Theaters around Detroit are already sold out for most of the showings today. Hairboy and the Minx managed to get into a sneak-peek showing last night and seem pleased with the film. According to them there’s at least one person in the movie who bears a passing similarity to yours truly, beard-wise. We won’t be seeing the film until early tomorrow morning as even though I did have the day off today Courtney still had school and she probably would have disowned me if I had seen the film without her.

2 thoughts on “Chamber day.

  1. Our second viewing this evening was just as good. Could not BELIEVE the line – it looked insane. But we all managed to get in, and Hairboy and I got really darned nice seats. I’m loving the fact that the die-hard fans, mostly youngsters, but plenty of adults, have been at the two showings we saw – they go all wacky and clap and cheer and it’s just great fun. smile  I’m sure I’ll be babbling something about it on my site shortly.

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