Busy day for a Saturday.

I’ve been meaning to sit down and put a few entries in, but kept getting wrapped up in life. The morning started with an early trip to Doc Chiro’s to snap our spines back into place. Followed up with a trip next door to the Eye Doc’s for an eye exam for both myself and Courtney. I don’t know if Court has ever had a proper eye exam outside of the ones they do in school and it’d been since before she was born since I last had mine. Seeing as how in the past I actually have had glasses prescribed due to a minor astigmatism I figured it was time to get us checked out.

I’ve not worn my glasses for years now, they were only intended for reading in the first place, so I wasn’t sure what condition my eyes would be in. Turns out I have near perfect 20/20 vision with only a very, very slight astigmatism that isn’t worth getting corrective lenses for. Courtney, however, is about to get her first pair of glasses to help with a slight near-sightedness she has.

After all of that fun stuff we all went out for a brunch at Zack’s in Plymouth and then headed home. Then Eric came over for a bit to entertain us for several hours with his Special Edition version of The Lord Of The Rings . All in all a somewhat busy, but enjoyable Saturday.

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