Worried about making money? Try this scam!

I always love it when people I don’t know send me get-rich-quick schemes such as the classic pyramid scam. A lady named Judy Luckham out of Ontario was concerned enough about my financial well being to share with me her secret of selling “reports” on the Internet. Reports such as The Insider’s Guide to Advertising for Free on the Net (Lesson #1, set up a pyramid scheme) and The Insider’s Guide to Sending Bulk E-mail on the Net (Or, how to annoy lots of people you don’t know for fun and profit), etcetera and so on.  Each report costs $5 and there’s a total of 5 reports you need to order from each of the people listed in the email for a total investment on your part of $25. According to the example she gives in her email my potential total income at the end of the cycle could be as much as $555,550.00 with as little as 0.2% of the people we mass mailed responding to our offer.

Sounds enticing, doesn’t it? Of course, the chances of you ever attaining that level of income from a pyramid scheme are slim to none even if you don’t get caught by the authorities. Assuming that everyone who receives the email decides to participate and sends the email out to 5 more people who all also decide to participate it takes a mere 15 steps in the scheme before the total number of active participants must be 7.6 billion people (hint: the Earth’s population isn’t 7.6 billion) in order for the scheme to continue. What do you think your chances are that you’re high enough up the chain to come out with any decent amount of money? This is assuming that all of the participants actually follow the rules and don’t cheat by just putting their names at the top of the list right from the start like the letter tells them to.

People who perpetuate these schemes are at best stupid and greedy and at worst they are outright criminals. It’s just another example of people’s over-abundance of credulity working against them. Yes, that pyramid scheme will make you rich the same way those magnetic bracelets will cure your arthritis. Good luck, you’re going to need it.

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  1. True.  These pyramid schemes are getting out of hand.  I run a website devoted to exposing a great deal of a new forms of pyramids called “Matrix” sites.  They sell inflated e-books and they enter you into their matrix list for “free”.  I also post the recent lawsuits against these sites for download.  Please come and check us out!
            Watch Dog

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