Won’t get an argument out of me.

Lisa English over at RuminateThis asks a question I’ve been wondering about for a long time.

You know, every nation has its stockpile of idiots, but will someone tell me why on earth it is that in the United States, our idiots have been elevated to leadership status? Hmmm?

It’s on her small rant on Jerry Fallwell’s recent remarks on Islam that prompted riots in India that left 5 people dead. Fallwell has since “apologized” in his most sincere non-apology apology way.

“I sincerely apologize that certain statements of mine made during an interview for CBS’s 60 Minutes were hurtful to the feelings of many Muslims,” Mr Falwell said in a statement.

“I intended no disrespect to any sincere, law-abiding Muslim.”

Of course he didn’t mean any disrespect. He only called the prophet Mohammed a war-mongering terrorist. But he meant it in the nicest possible way you can be a war-mongering terrorist!

2 thoughts on “Won’t get an argument out of me.

  1. Listen, me and my friends were wondering this very question, why does everything start with men, I mean menopause, menstrual cramps and mental illness! If you really think about it, there are alot of words that start will me. Me and my best friend thinks this is outrageous and there are no words that start by women. And even in the word women there’s the word men! There you go! So instead of calling us women, we’ve decided that maybe we should just be called wos! So we have our own little word! Give us your thoughts about these stupid penis jackasses that are in every word!

  2. Well, how about Chicklets – is it a chewing gum just for chicks? Explain Herpes? Can’t guys get it? How about misinformation, misappropriation, or misapprehension…Where is the gender non-specific word for the men? If I wanted to sit here and spew more nonsense the list could go on forever.

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