Where the hell is that damned serial sniper when you really need him?

Looks like the reports of “Dell Dude’s” layoff where a bit premature according to this article over at USATODAY.com – ‘Dell dude’ staying put … for now.

Dude, you can relax. Despite the rumors, Dell Computer pitchman “Steven”—“Dude, yer gettin’ a Dell!”—is going to be around for more Dell commercials, says the actor’s agent. “Dell loves him and he loves Dell,” Bonnie Schumofsky, agent for 21-year-old actor Benjamin Curtis, said Wednesday. “The rumors that he was given a pink slip are untrue.”

The story goes on to say that various websites devoted to “Steve” fandom have been in an uproar since the rumor started spreading. The Dell Dude has fans? Forget the serial sniper, we need a good small yield nuclear device to take out that crowd.

4 thoughts on “Where the hell is that damned serial sniper when you really need him?

  1. Wouldn’t work. I’d be too easy of a target. No challenge for the sniper.

    Sorry, no sacred cows here. I’m of the philosophy that there’s nothing that humor can’t tackle. You should have heard some of my Columbine comments…

  2. oooh, Matt, nice one. Hee. I feel guilty for laughing!  😀

    Davidj, if you want politically correct commentary, might I inquire what the heck you are doing here at Stupid Evil Bastard? Come on now.  smile

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