UK man produces D-I-Y film on crop circles.

One of the men responsible for some of the most elaborate crop circles in the United Kingdom has put out a video on how it’s done. His reason? According to an article from the BBC News:

The only man in Britain convicted of making crop circles has made a video to prove they are not the results of alien or supernatural forces.

The three-hour film – Circle Makers – interviews 11 experts who have created hundreds of circles using posts, tapes, planks and ropes, rollers and computer-generated designs.

“It tells you a lot about religion and belief, how these cults are created.

“Some people get very angry when you tell them, because they really want to believe.

“And films, like Signs out at the moment, reinforce that,” he said. 

Alas the film will do nothing for those folks who do want to believe the circles are the result of other-worldly forces of whatever variety. Some people have a deep-seated need to believe ridiculous things and no amount of proof to the contrary will convince them otherwise.

1 thought on “UK man produces D-I-Y film on crop circles.

  1. I am looking for crop circles that were discovered on July 17 2004. Ineed it to add it to my tattoo collection..

      Would apreciate any help I could get.

      Thanks Raoul

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