The non-victory victory defense in action.

Gotta love stories like this one over at Orange Today:

Protesters who picketed a sex shop for five months have finally quit because they’ve helped boost its business.

The protesters insist their vigil outside Direct Pleasures in Barnsley was a success, although they admit they have given it a lot of publicity.

So let’s get this straight. They’re protesting the store, the store gets lots of attention, business actually improves for the store, protesters claim a victory against the store. Um… OK.

1 thought on “The non-victory victory defense in action.

  1. I like this one! Oh yeah……nothing like telling people they SHOULDN’T do something to make it seem more attractive. Don’t these prudes remember being kids? When Mommy and Daddy said NOT to get into the candy……what did they do? Huh?

    Sheesh….some people never learn.

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