Someone has caught the Win32/Yaha.F@mm virus!

Don’t know who they are, but they’ve either been by my site here or have my address in their email program. Seems this little virus will make use of whatever email address it can find as the “return” address on the messages it sends out. I’ve been spammed by it at least 20 times in the last 24 hours and some of the emails have arrived with my own email address listed in the “From” field.

Not to worry, though, my virus scan is up to date and none of the messages have made it to me with the virus still intact anyway as it appears there’s an email filter at work on a server level someplace that keeps scrubbing them before they get to me. Alas, the headers are spoofed well enough that I’m not able to trace the email back to where it came from. Oh well, if you’ve not updated your virus scanner as of late, you may want to do so as this is one of two rather nasty buggers floating around as of late.

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