President Bush states the obvious.

President Bush took time out of his busy schedule of planning which country to start a war with next to pipe up on the serial sniper currently terrorizing the residents of Maryland and Virginia. He described the spate of attacks as “cold blooded murder”.


11 thoughts on “President Bush states the obvious.

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  2. Bush, the U.S, pushes for Iraq to have inspectors to go in because Suddham Hussien can not be trusted and he is an evil man….but what about all the atrosities that the Israel has commited to the Palestinians? And why does the U.S always veto the opportunity for inspectors to go into Israel? Is it because of all the Millitary weapons of mass destruction we give them and they harbor? Or just a considence? Oh and something for all you extremist “Pro U.S” people… you buy a plastic flag of the U.S. to put on ur car to support anti terrorism….but your filling that car up every time supports it even more…. make you think about how much we really relly on every body else in the world? huh? something to think about aint it?

  3. Personally, i think this war on Iraq is very stupid and is a personal war. As we all know, Saddam is not an innocent person, and is a dictator, but what has he done in the last year to deserve this war, besides not giving the U.S oil. The U.s has no rights to go to Iraq and start bombing the place without the backing of the UN. And we all know that the x-president Bush sr. was also in a War with Iraq, and they tried to kill him. So this is a way to get back at. To top it off, North Korea has weapons as well, maybe even more than Iraq! Also, they are such babies, they changed french toast to liberty toast, and french fries to freedom fries!
    How you can stop violence, with violence
    this is my opinion if you don’t like it, than thats just too bad, and im a 14 year old with a lot more where that came from!

  4. You guys are a bunch of F—-king idiots.  Saddam feeds live people to plastic recycling chippers, taking the “packaged” remains to dump in the gulf for fish food! He is responsible for the MURDER of 100,000’s of people (mostly innocent disidents). Hangs women by their hair. Hangs women upside down during their cycles for the humiliation factor.  Rapes women and YOUNG GIRLS in front of husbands and fathers to control them, etc,etc,etc.  This man is evil personafied.  It all comes down to this: France (see no evil), Russia (speak no evil), Germany (hear no evil) are willing to tolerate this AS_HOLE because it lines their pockets with cash and it’s not THEIR people he’s killing.  Yeah, that’s right, it’s not their country he’s torting as the “great satan” and influencing them to kill innocent women and children at every opportunity.  He’s not suppling dangerous weapons to terrorist that target their people.  Nope. It’s us, the U.S. (you remember US, right? the people who bailed your sorry asses out of every jam your stupid pacifist ideals got yourselves into!)  When are you D___BASSES going to learn?!?!?  The bad guy will STILL kick your ass whether you fight back or not! HELLO, that’s why he’s a bad guy!(listen up France! remember Hitler? yeah, I know, you had a “treaty” and how were you supposed to know he was gonna break it?)  We have EVERY right to hunt Saddumb’s ass down and kill it like the rabid dog he is!  He LOST desert storm, and has yet to comply with the surrender/cease fire agreement which LEGALLY means that that war goes into a kind of “overtime” and ALL participants technically are supposed to come back to the field. (it’ll be OK if France doesn’t show, we don’t WANT them there now.)  No, the REST of the world does NOT have the moral ground here, technically their supposed to be helping US kick his ass right now in “overtime” and are FOREVER SHAMED for shirking their duty in this!  Yep, the rest of the world are a bunch of “Saddumb’s oil bought whores” to scared and without the back bone to do what’s right, THE US IS NOT. THAT’S the difference. PERIOD

  5. Saddam does do bad things to innocent people, no one is denying that. There are a lot of savage dictators in this world who do terrible things to their own people and have for decade, what makes Saddam so special in this regard that immediate action is required to stop him?

    Saddam is largely in power because the United States Government helped him to get there. He is a problem of our own creation, but the lessons that should be learned from this fact will most likely be missed by the people in power. Seems you could learn a few things yourself.

    Incidentally I take exception to you using the name of a great former President to put forth your vitriol in my comments so I will be editing the name on your post to something more accurate.

  6. Here are my present views (in which I know are very much shared, even in the US. That is, except for the HICKFIED South). George Bush is the ultimate evil in the world today. Since he was CHEATED into presidency, he has done nothing but pick fights with countries and cut huge funds in his own. Sure Saddam is an evil man and has done many evil things in the past, but have you seen the Americans find weapons in Iraq? I haven’t…

    This is a huge issue, and there are many facts to be explored, but the bottom line is, George Bush is a huge dopy cheat with alcaholic daughters and relatives that helped him cheat into office. He has had too much brain damage from being exposed to ultra-violet rays (from being stuck in the south before air-conditioners were invented).

    I recommend all you ignorant (due to isolation) Americans and hick Southern Americans to read Michael Moores book ‘Stupid White Men’ or if you are too stupid to read, go and see his movie ‘Bowling for columbine’ which is a small glimpse of the idea’s of the book. This is PLAIN HARD FACT!


  7. One of the world’s leaders who is our ally boiled two of his people for speaking out! But his land has no oil so there is no use attacking hiim.

  8. bush will push mankind a step closer 2 oblivion
    everyday that he is president.

    he will roll the red carpet 4 the antichrist
    and this planet will shudder when we find that
    all of the things that struck us with great dread
    are now our apocalyptic reality!

  9. I’m glad Saddam is out of dictatorship. He was evil and I’m glad we pushed the Taliban away from decent middle eastern people.
    France complains about us so. But they’d be speaking German right now if it weren’t for us.
    Expect a few big things. None of the terrorists involved with the twin towers were from Iraq. They were from Saudi Arabia, Lebannon, and Egypt. I’m glad we went into Iraq because Saddam was captured. But we could have done that years ago, and we could have done that without a war.
    I’m not with the CIA, we don’t truly know whats going on. But Saddam was terrible and his regime were hurting innocent people and the Taliban hurt women. So I’m glad something good came from the war.
    There are things Bush is doing in our own country that I sort of don’t appreciate. His administration has allowed companies to bomb Appaliacian mountain tops for coal, causing landslides, polluted water, air, and imbalance in nature. He’s wanted to take from Social Security and suggest people get involved in the stock market so they have something to live on when they are old. The Great Stock Market Crash of 1929 was a major lesson from history. Social Security was formed from Roosevelt to help starving families after the Great Depression, and to ensure security. He’d be unraveling what people of history formed to help the american people, and he hasn’t learned from The Great Stock Crash of 1929. Stocks change, peoples’ hard earned money would be going into something that is not stable.

  10. Actually, President Bush did have the right, and obligation to remove Saddam Hussein from power. As you are not aware of, the UN was designed to get nations together to work out international problems. When the UN fails to do that, it has failed as peace negotiator. Koffee Annan, the head of the UN at the time (2003) was also the UN rep in Rwanda in 1994, when the UN failed to react to 800,000 people being butchered. Before the killing started Koffee Annan denied the UN military adviser in Rwanda (I believe he was Dutch)to destroy inplace, large stores of weapons including machetes. Failing to destroy those weapons, or at least securing them, directly led to what happened next.
      Following the first Gulf War (1990-91), the UN mandated sanctions against Saddam Hussein designed to help drive him from power. If the sanctions were followed, they still may not have worked. The Iraqi people were suffering, while Saddam Hussein didn’t, so the UN began the Food-for -Oil program, to help relieve the Iraqi people some. Saddam Hussein used this program to make Billions of dollars, stealing from the program, and using some of the money for kick-backs and bribes. We (intel community)knew he was doing this, and we knew he had 3 of the 5 permanent members of the UN security council in his pocket (Russia, France and China). Since it took a unanimous vote by the security council to go to war, Saddam Hussein felt safe from the UN. Even Koffee Annan’s son was involve in the illegal companies in the Food-for-Oil program. With that knowledge, Saddam Hussain had little to worry about when dealing with the UN. He illegally kicked the UN weapons inspectors out of Iraq THREE times, in violation of the sanctions. The UN was going to do nothing. The sanctions were violated by Saddam Hussein for 12 years. Thats way too long. Bill Clinton didn’t have the balls to stand up (he sat on his ass while 800,000 Rwandans were murdered) and force the issue. President Bush did. As long as Saddam Hussein was in power, the stability of the Middle East was threatened. Now Iraq has a Democratic Government in place, and companies are building factories and rebuilding Iraq. The insurgency, hopefully, will not grow and Iraqi’s can live in a peace that they never had under Saddam Hussein. It will take time to recover, but in the long run, Americans, Brits, and Australians can be proud of what they have accomplished. I am, I am an American soldier in Iraq.

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