No marching for me. This time around.

Awhile back I posted an entry outlining my intention to participate in the Godless Americans March On Washington that is due to happen this coming weekend. Eric and I were both planning on making the trip down to join in on what is probably the first such rally either of us would have participated in.

Alas, life being what life is money and time are in short supply so we’re not going to be able to make the trip. Which I feel bad about as I know how difficult it can be to organize non-religious people as we tend to not be group-orientated by nature. So I’m going to sit home and root for the marchers and hope for a good turnout despite my inability to attend personally. Already there are editorials appearing in the religious community that are critical of the marchers and their cause so I’m hoping there’s a decent turnout otherwise non-religious people may be written off as a group politically despite our growing numbers.

Of course, if the turn out is small, that’ll just be that much more impetus to make the trip the next time they have one.

2 thoughts on “No marching for me. This time around.

  1. I’ll be praying for them… but not in the way the editorial wants. I hope they have a safe and fruitful march. Not that I think it will do any good…

  2. What won’t do any good? The march? Or the praying? grin I know I don’t expect the march to cause a watershed of any kind in terms of public acceptance of non-religious people, but hopefully it will at least raise their awareness of them.

    Still, I’m sure everyone involved will take your statement in the positive light in which you meant it. Seriously. Well-wishes are always a good thing regardless of the form they take.

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